Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She: The Feminine Principle
There has always been this vague and resurgent aspect to the feminine. It is a welcome and necessary element in our lives. To embark on this journey, for me, is that which defines life.

"She" is in essence the vast and limitless expanse of emptiness, the lack of inherent existence of all phenomena expressed symbolically as space, that which cannot be symbolized. The realization of emptiness to transform worldly concerns into enlightenment.

In this series of artworks, I will explore this idea. The work will reflect the vague and tangible elements of the feminine. The feminine can express the body, the mind, the heart.

Corinne Marie 2011


  1. Beautiful work. I think it's an important concept to explore. I like listening to and chanting Tara mantras because I think the feminine is just as important as the masculine in life. -hollychihuahua from Swap-Bot

  2. You have some nice art work! Art is one of the best way to express feelings. I love your last sentence: "The feminine can express the body, the mind, the heart." I second you at that one.:)) Keep up the good work.:)) Lucine at swap-bot

  3. wow your work is amazing! what a way to worship the feminine energy! i feel the connection right away.. amazing ^^ - following through swap-bot and not regretting it at all!